The voice company that brings speaking machines to life

VocaliD is mapping the vocal genome to share the gift of voice

VocaliD humanizes the voice inside any machine that speaks

Over ten million people are unable to speak. Over 500 million everyday devices and applications are narrated by a voice. All of them choose from the same few generic, synthetic voices.

Isn't it time for change? Our voices are not identical — they are our identities.


The world's first personalized digital voices

The VocaliD platform powers the creation of unique vocal identities for any device that turns text into speech


Seconds of Sound With a single vowel, voice recipients can launch the creation of their digital voice almost instantly.

Potential Matches People from all walks of life share the raw speech needed to create new voices or bank their own.


Personalized Voice VocaliD transforms recorded speech to preserve, restore, or build a unique vocal identity.
How does voice creation work?

Personalized Voices

BeSpoke by VocaliD empowers any text-to-speech application with a natural, unique personalized voice.

Human Voicebank

Share your voice to make real impact on the lives of others and drive innovation in voice technology.

Voice Backups

Vocal Legacy by VocaliD preserves voices lost to time or degenerative diseases (ALS, MS) in digital form.

Bank your voice to build a voice

Together, we're building the world’s largest repository of speech recordings from speakers of all ages and backgrounds.

The Human Voicebank offers insight into the rich texture and diversity of voice, powering the creation of digital vocal identities that capture the essence of being human.

The Vocal Adventure

VocaliD partnered with Saatchi and Saatchi New York to create the interactive read-along experience, "The Vocal Adventure".

Follow the journey of a young speech-impaired girl as she searches the world for a voice that's reflective of her own. Ask others to share their voices with the voiceless!

Our stories so far

Even though our journey's just begun, we've already witnessed some monumental milestones. In 2015, VocaliD raised over $129,000 on IndieGoGo to launch the development of BeSpoke voices for its first set of Trailblazers. Upon delivery, we've seen — and heard — just how much of an impact a more human, more individualized voice can really make in someone's life.

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